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Fast-Track Laser Hair Removal Training Programs

Laser epilation was conducted experimentally for about two decades before it received FDA approval and became commercially viable in the mid-1990s. Laser epilation also referred to as photoepilation, functions by directing a concentrated beam of light on a collection of hair follicles, with sufficient intensity to damage or destroy the follicle, thus permanently reducing hair growth without damaging the surrounding epidermal. This procedure also known as selective photothermolysis needs thorough training, and is not meant to be performed by novices.

Laser hair removal training programs are intended to provide nurses, physicians, medical students, nurses, aestheticians, electrologists and other laser technicians with a conscientious understanding of both theoretical and practical aspects of laser hair removal techniques.

Laser hair removal training programs are usually short-term courses, lasting not more than four days. However in less than 50 hours, these laser hair removal training programs are designed to cover in-depth topics on laser epilation.

Laser epilation programs cover the following subjects:

- Introduction to Lasers

- Basic laser physics and laser tissue interaction

- Basic hair biology and growth cycles

- Types of medical hair removal lasers

- Laser parameters and their effect upon results

- Photodynamic and flash-lamp methods of hair removal

- Patient Skin typing, fluence selection, pre and post skincare

- Contraindications to treatment

- Safety issues and Patient care

- Extensive hands-on practice on multiple laser systems

- Regulatory issues and meeting state requirements

- Marketing, Advertising and Ethics of laser hair removal business

Laser epilation training programs although fast-track, are certainly not cheap. These courses cost anywhere in between $2000 to $4000, depending on the college or institute you favor. Thus, before registering in any laser hair removal training programs, ensure the credibility of the institute, by verifying whether or not, the institute is supervised by the Department of Higher Education, Health Occupations and the Better Business Bureau.

Some prominent institutes offering laser hair removal training programs are Rocky Mountain Laser College, LightSpeed Training Institute, The Laser Centers of Connecticut and Elite Laser Training. Rocky Mountain Laser College or RMLC is the most illustrious of the lot, and its curriculum is approved by the State Department of Higher Education.